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A Kenya Safari tour is a ‘bucket list’ dream for many people. Seeing wildlife in its natural environment is undoubtedly inspiring.

Not only providing a once in a lifetime experience, a Kenyan safari provides fantastic photo opportunities and the opportunity to learn more about Kenyan wildlife.

Kenya Safaris

At Tru Nomads, we provide fabulous holiday packages that provide you with the Kenyan safari experience you’ve always hoped for.

Not only will you see a complete range of Kenyan wild animals, you’ll learn more about African culture and, in addition, you’ll have a wonderful break from the daily grind back at home.

Take a look at the following 5 animals to spot on a Kenya safari. These animals are also referred to as the ‘Big Five’ game animals and are not-to-be-missed on your Kenya Tru Nomad safari tour. The phrase ‘Big Five’ was created by big game hunters that found the following 5 animals extremely difficult to hunt.

African Lion

The African Lion are usually spotted within a group (or pride). The head of the pride (a male African lion) defends the pride’s area.

African Elephant

The are two species of African elephants currently in existence, these are the African Bush elephant and the smaller African forest elephant.

Cape Buffalo

The Cape Buffalo (or African Buffalo) are among the largest species of buffalo and can be spotted on an African safari tour. African buffalos don’t have many predators and can kill lions, which undoubtedly gives them strength out in the wild.

African Leopard

The African Leopard is a beautiful, elegant animal whose coat can sometimes vary in colour, ranging from pale yellow with black spots, to a darker yellow and even a full black coat, in some cases.


The rhinoceros (or rhino) is one of the few existing odd-toed ungulates and is related to many species which are now extinct. Seeing a rhino is, therefore, an experience not to miss out on.

Contact Tru Nomads for your Kenyan Safari tour

If you are excited about the opportunity to see the ‘Big Five’ game animals and would like to book a Kenyan Safari tour with Tru Nomads, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can make an enquiry about booking your dream Kenya Safari tour via our online enquiry form. We look forward to welcoming you in Kenya!


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