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Take in the sights and sounds of Kenya with a safari tour from Kenya Tru Nomads. We have a wide range of safaris available that visit some of Kenya’s most breathtaking National Parks.

There are a number of National Parks in Kenya that offer incredible wildlife viewing experiences and stunning scenery and Kenya Tru Nomads take our guests to some of the best.

Visit Kenyan National Parks

The Lake Nakuru National Park is located close to the town of Nakuru and is a shallow lake set beneath the cliffs of the Rift Valley. The lake attracts all kinds of wildlife to the area, including Black Rhinos and Giraffes. Although the mammals are incredible to witness, it’s the birds that are the most memorable visitors to the lake.

Up to two million flamingos can be in the park during the season, an incredible sight to witness. Hundreds of other bird species visit the park, including birds of prey. Kenya Tru Nomads offer a number of safari tours that visit this incredible park, such as the Lake Nakuru – Masai Mara 4 Day Tour.

The Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the most popular destinations on a safari tour and it is easy to see why. Over 140,000 people from around the world visit the game reserve to catch a glimpse of zebra, lions, hippos, crocodiles and elephants. The annual wildebeest migration is an incredible sight and not to be missed!

Approximately 176km northeast of Nairobi lies the Mount Kenya National Park, which features an incredible variety of foliage and geography between the varying altitudes. This region is home to Colobus monkeys, buffalo, elephants, rhino, leopards and much more.The Masai Mara – Mombasa 3 Day Tour from Kenya Tru Nomads gives you plenty of time to explore the Masai Mara with an optional early morning balloon safari that is a truly unforgettable experience.

The Kenya Tru Nomads Special 12 Day Safari Tour takes in all three of these stunning National Parks. Visit Mount Kenya, Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara during an incredible 12 days of safari that gives you the best opportunities to see African wildlife and explore everything a Kenya Tru Nomads safari has to offer.

Book a Kenya Safari with Kenya Tru Nomads

Book your dream African safari with Kenya Tru Nomads and take a walk on the wild side. Our experienced, knowledgeable guides make sure you see everything that Kenya has to offer.

For more information on any of the Kenya safari tours that we offer, please get in touch. Contact us online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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