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Kenya Safaris


Kenya stands as the jewel of Africa, a safari haven that mesmerizes with its breathtaking landscapes, deep-rooted traditions, and a kaleidoscope of wildlife that’s unparalleled. Embodying the very essence of the wild, it’s no surprise that Kenya is often heralded as the heartland of safari adventures.


A destination that offers incredible natural beauty, soul-stirring cultural encounters, sensational game viewing and, of course, the thrills and spills of the Wildebeest Migration. No wonder Safaris in Kenya are on many peoples bucket lists.


From seeing the wildebeest mega-herds in the Masai Mara and Amboseli’s legendary elephant herds against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro to cultural encounters in Samburu, a Kenya safari will not disappoint. 


Beyond the safari experience and natural wildlife, Kenya also beckons with rich cultural tapestries, especially evident in the vibrant Samburu region. Whether it’s the call of the wild or the allure of ancient traditions, a Kenyan safari from Kenya Tru Nomad Tours promises the best safari’s that are truly unforgettable.