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Kenya Tru – nomads will introduce you to the thrilling pleasures of some of the world’s most magnificent wildlife spectacles, white sandy beaches pampered in luxury, but in tune with the simple rhythms of life

To engage with our guests and exceed their expectations, by providing them with unforgettable wildlife safari experience, adventure, excursions and beach experience while conserving the environment in Kenya and Tanzania.

With a wide array of selected safaris in Kenya and Tanzania, we assure you an unforgettable African Hospitality right at the Coastal beaches of Mombasa to the wild bush experience inside the parks.


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Kenya Tru Nomads has extensive experience providing premium safari tours to guests from all over the world. We ensure every guest’s time in Kenya is as enjoyable and memorable as possible, making sure they are safe and cared for. Our specialists are on hand to guide you through the booking process, helping you to create the perfect safari tour.

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Whatever you’re searching for in Kenya and Tanzania, Kenya Tru Nomads can help you to find it. From short two day excursions to twelve day tours that showcase everything that Africa has to offer, Kenya Tru Nomads has a tour to suit you.

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Find the perfect accommodation for your safari tour with Kenya Tru Nomads. From the finest luxury hotels to the authentic camping experience, discover the extensive range of accommodation available and choose the right hotel, lodge or camp to suit your needs.

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Take a walk on the wild side with Kenya Tru Nomads and see the stunning and diverse range of wildlife that Africa has to offer. Lions, elephants, zebras, rhinos, giraffes are just some of the spectacular animals that can be seen on a safari tour.

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Kenya Tru Nomads works closely with the communities that live alongside wildlife reserves and national parks to coordinate efforts when it comes to conservation.

Local communities earn income as guests visit the Maasai and Samburu cultural village where bead works and artifacts are on display. Encouraging safari guests to embrace the local culture boosts tourism to nearby areas and improves the livelihood of inhabitants. Programmes like this encourage sustainable development as well as environmental conservation.

The key to conserving Kenya’s spectacular flora and fauna outside the parks is to engage the local communities and to provide tangible benefits from eco-tourism that exceed the returns that they are able to generate from any other form of land utilization such as farming.

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Affordable Safaris

Kenya Tru Nomads provide competitively priced safari tours that ensure anyone can experience the trip of a lifetime!

Holiday of a lifetime

Take a walk on the wild side with Kenya Tru Nomads and experience a once in a lifetime trip to see everything Africa has to offer.

Bespoke Safari Planner

Plan the perfect safari tour with Kenya Tru Nomads to ensure you see everything you’ve always wanted to!

Private Guides Available

Our friendly and experienced travel guides ensure your safari is safe, enjoyable and unforgettable!

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